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I graduated with a BA in history from Truman State University in 2007 and received my MA (2011) and PhD (2015) in history from the University of Kansas under the direction of Greg Cushman. I am currently an assistant professor of history and digital humanities at Creighton University in Omaha. My work focuses primarily on Dutch environmental history during the early modern period with an added emphasis on the history of climate and natural disasters.


At the Oosterscheldekering in Zeeland

Central to both my research and teaching is my focus on interdisciplinarity. While my environmental focus is primarily cultural in methodology and frequently includes the use of visual arts and material culture, my geographic interests have been more quantitative and cartographic. My HGIS related projects have included mapping and analysis of the an invasive mollusk into Dutch waters, the potential impacts of climate change on monarch butterfly overwintering in central Mexico, and an historical reconstruction of female landholdings in south Louisiana.

I have taught courses on global and North American environmental history, agriculture, environmental ethics, and historical methodologies. At Creighton, I teach a global history survey (1492-present), an upper level course on global environmental history, and a course on the history of cartography/intro to GIS lab.

I am keenly interested in issues of cultural memory, the perception of environmental change and disaster, and the role of historical continuity vs. adaptive response to disasters. My dissertation, entitled “Floods, Worms, and Cattle Plague: Nature-induced Disaster at the Closing of the Dutch Golden Age,” expands on these themes in the context of eighteenth century Dutch decline. I am currently an assistant professor of digital humanities and environmental history at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.


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